Liana Dumitru

Liana Dumitru

I'm a product design manager and entrepreneur with over six years of experience in design. I hold a Master’s Degree in entrepreneurship from Columbia University and I’m passionate about building effective teams, and leveraging design to create high growth products.

I currently manage a team of four designers at Dropbox. Previously, I cofounded a company called Memo, which was acquired by Coinbase. Before that, I spent a few years as a freelancer designer, working with early stage startups.

I'm originally from Romania, I studied in Paris and New York, worked in London, and now live and work in San Francisco. I geek out on design, tech, art, and I absolutely love books. And chocolate.


If you want to chat about design, books, chocolate, or anything else, just send me a direct message on Twitter. I'm also available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. 


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San Jose, CA

Product Hive, 2019

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San Francisco, CA

Dropbox Ladies Get Loud Panel, 2019

Ladies Get Loud: What can happen when we speak out
San Francisco, CA

Building Highly Effective Growth Teams
San Francisco, CA


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